Launch Intensives with Nina



WITH COACHING/HEALING OFFERS that make huge difference for your SOUL MATE CLIENTS!

Even if you've just started to see the Value of Your Divine Service!

Nine times out of ten, when I consult with clients on launching their coaching/healing offers, they're impatient to attract their next few clients.

Of course! You want to get your offers out there into the world but while this desire is important to spread your wings, in the long run, it is more important that you create a bigger container for the next level of your business growth with CLARITY, NON-NEGOTIABLE ALIGNMENT, and FOCUSED INTENT. 


 Who are your ideal clients for the next-level of your business growth?  

What's your medicine for them?  

What is asking to be born in your business? 

What is the most powerful coaching/healing offer that you can create and launch TODAY?  

Which offerings will make your heart SING and your bank account empowered?

What needs to be expressed about your offerings so you attract the attention you deserve and those clients you love?

How can you cut through the noise of saturated market and bring the most aligned clients to your doorstep?

This all happens in a laser-focued Creation & Launch Intensive! 

Here is the plan:

We get together on Zoom for two * 70min sessions with 20min break in between.

We get clear about your next-level of business expansion.

You will leave this intensive with clarity, a plan of action that is tailored for you, and a re-energized focus of how to end 2018 with real satisfied client attraction experiences. 

We'll have an additional 45min session to tweak your process. Typically this session is scheduled with 2-3 weeks after our intensive.